Saturday, October 30, 2010

Research for Violent video games in youth

This blog will argue weather violent video games contribute to youth violence or not.
It will show the positive as well as the negative effects it has on younger audiences.

Violent video games are becoming a major concern to many people especially younger audience as most are targeted to the younger generation. Firstly, it is said that violent video games are now becoming more realistic. This is appealing to many younger players, making violent video games popular. Secondly, violent video games increase aggression, mainly young adults are said to have more aggressive thoughts when playing violent games. The time spent playing video games can cause the person to have lower grades in school. Lastly, it is said that the negative effects can only be determined by the persons age, gender and time spent playing the game.
This link shows that violence video games can alter the way people think. Firstly it makes the person find violence less shocking allowing the person to believe it is natural. It also effects emotion where as people would normally find pictures of dead animals disturbing but people who play violent video games would see nothing about it. It is also said that playing violent video games is like a sport or hobby as Helen compared football and hockey to violent games.
There are many negative stereotypes about video games especially violent ones. Firstly, they can increase skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving and strategic thinking. Secondly, they can also creates a social environment where friends can connect and have a friendly competition.  Thirdly  playing violent games can be a safer way to release aggression and stress, a player  can also exercise with new fitness games. it is said that Movies and books is as detrimental in showing violence than games.
Playing violent video games has a negative effect in academic performance. It has been shown that it increases “violent behaviour, aggressive thoughts and feelings”. Also if parents manage the amount of time their child plays and what content the game has, their child will have less violent behaviour and will do better in school. Lastly, many people believe that violent video games will always have a negative effect. 
Playing games has a positive effect on behaviour. It allows the player to increase their skill in co-ordination and improves reaction speed. People from the air force who played games did better in piloting than those who did not. Playing social games increases awareness of others and they are more likely to help others out. Lastly it is stated that games can improve vision and can treat disorders such as amblyopia.

Friday, October 29, 2010


This argument will explain weather violent video games contribute to youth violence. It will cover the positive and negative effects.

The positive effects will be sectioned into two main areas, the effect is has on the brain and the effect is has on the body.
It will also show the other side of the argument which is the positive effects.

The final argument will show that violent video games is indeed a main contributor for youth violence.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How violent video games effect the brain.

Playing violent video games can have a serious effect on the brain. Being absorbed with violent images causes the brain to believe in thinking that violence and cruelty is normal. It is also quoted by Helen Phillips where she says "people who play violent video games show diminished brain responses to images of real-life violence, such as gun attacks, but not to other emotionally disturbing pictures, such as those of dead animals, or sick children"

This will lead to violent behaviour. Many people who play violent video games will use Anger and aggression as a way to relieve stress, it could be physical or even verbal aggression. Things such as name calling, threats and insults can be cause by the person who has grown to having negative thoughts or violent thinking. Many players fall into the addiction of violent games and thus are prone to have the thought that "winning is everything and to win I have to eliminate the opponent.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Effects on the body

Many games especially violent games are additive. The main problem with addiction is Obesity. Obesity is caused by a unhealthy diet. Playing video games was made to be played sitting down, as many games are played for hours and hours obesity has become a common problem with many addictive players. It is not just video games that causes obesity. Many of our daily routines requires less physical activity as technology is advancing. It is mainly cause by excessive snaking on greasy foods and and hours of playing video games.

There are also ways many people can play video games while keeping active. Technology now provides devices such as "Nintendo Wii" where it requires movement of the arms and body. Be it violent games or not they all require the use of the body. Even though it may not eliminate obesity it will surely help with decreasing the amount of people getting it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The "positives"

Games in general have been stereotyped as a negative way of entertainment. Where many of games today have violence and adult material implemented. Many people do not think that games could be beneficial to the player.
There are skills such as hand-eye co-ordination. A very important skill that can be developed through the use of games especially violent games where fast reaction is key to survival. 

Other skills include Strategic thinking, Problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

The conclusion

Violent video games has been argued many times weather it is right to play them or not, but with signs of violent behaviour effecting the brain and body it is certainly sure that violent games or even video games in general contributes to violent behaviour within our youth, but it can only be determined by the person's, age, the content of the game and how many hours he or she is playing that game as it may differ from other players

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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